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FelamokHR is a boutique staffing company serving bay area since 2008. FelamokHR has been immensely successful in creating a global network of highly adept intelligent workforce that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Keeping pace with projects and being on the look out for the extremely talented individuals has become ever more challenging. Here is where FelamokHR comes into play to bring the best suited talent for your company.

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23, Kayode Street, Ogba, Lagos State.


we provide the best possible talent for your temporal and full-time hiring needs.

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Why Choose Us

FelamokHR has a highly skilled set of talents that are built on referral and successful partnerships. Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled in identifying top talent around the globe and matching them with the client's needs. We specialize in Training, Branding, and startup hiring.


Human capital training as a strategy for improving workforce productivity and to drive higher value for the firms has become an important focus today.


Businesses need to break through the clutter and grab the ideal customer’s attention. It’s what transforms first-time buyers into lifetime customers.


We understand before hiring, that manpower entails a new string of legal obligations, liabilities, expenses and, of course, paperwork.

Our Team

Felamok HR has a pool of highly experienced professionals who strive to exceed boundaries of Clients expectations in human capital development, finance, corporate ethics and service delivery

Sebastian O. Edigan
Managing Director/CEO
Mariam Uzodimma
GM/Executive Director
Jimoh Munmin Kayode
Chief Operating Officer